Busted Synapses by Weird World War III Contributor Erica Satifka Hits Stores Today

Weird World War III contributor, Erica Satifka, has an illustrated novella called Busted Synapses coming out today. If it’s anything like her story, “Where You Lead, I Will Follow: An Oral History of the Denver Incident”, I highly encourage folks to grab a copy.

Plus, it’s about Pittsburgh. Why wouldn’t you read a story about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?

In her own words:

In the world of Busted Synapsescities have been turned into high-tech enclaves, while everyone outside their electronic gates is left to rot. Jess Nowicki painfully learns this fact when she’s priced out of the new “island city” of Pittsburgh, while her childhood friend Dale Carter makes the best of things by hosting drug-enhanced video game competitions for rent money. Into this despair-ridden world steps Alicia, one of the androids who’s succeeded in making humans like Jess redundant, but who wants nothing more than to blend in with the denizens of Wheeling, West Virginia. But the corporation who created Alicia won’t make it easy, and the secrets lodged in Alicia’s memory cache could be the key to understanding how the world got so screwed up — and how to fix it.

— Erica Satifka on Busted Synapses

And it goes without saying: if you haven’t picked up a copy of Weird World War III yet, what are you waiting for? Order a copy by clicking on your preferred bookstore below.

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