Weird World War IV Launch Day Video

In totally uncharacteristic fashion, I decided to do a very brief launch day video for Weird World War IV (you can also watch it below).

Through A Glass Darkly YouTube Channel

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My Happy Place

Over the past two days, I got a chance to spend time in my happy place: the mountains–more specifically in Sequoia National Park. Below are some photos from my trip.

The biggest highlight of my trip was I nearly drove my rental car into a black bear. And I got a picture. Not a good one, mind you. But good enough for someone driving a car, taking a picture, and avoiding hitting a bear.

There Be Bears Here…

During a short hike, I stumbled upon this tuft of hair in an area often trafficked by black bears. I suspect it’s a tuft of bear fur, but it could also be human hair or from some other animal that was coughed up by a bear that had eaten it. At least, those are my theories.

Do you have any idea what it is?

I never ran into a bear that day. However, on my drive down the mountain on Halloween morning, a bear swaggered across the road right in front of my car. I was able to avoid hitting it and slow down just enough to get a very bad photo.

Check it out below:

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