Weird World War III: Fourth Week Sales Report

A Book Launch in the Time of COVID-19 and Cyberwar (Continued)

In the first four weeks, BookScan reported a total of 204 Weird World War III US retail print sales.

Below are the BookScan US trade paperback sales as reported by Amazon for the period of October 26th through November 1st by geography. As a reminder, BookScan compiles point-of-sales data from ~10,000 retailers throughout the US, including Barnes & Noble,, Target, and Buy.Com. Retailers such as Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club do not participate. As such, BookScan estimates that this point-of-sales data represent about 75% of all brick-and-mortar and online retail print book sales in the US. It does not include ebook sales, sales outside the US, sales to libraries, or used book sales.

According to Bookscan, Weird World War III sold 18 copies last week, which is less than the 27 sold in the third week. At this point, the data is what it is. What will be interesting to see next week is whether there’s a sales spike from my upcoming appearance on Coast to Coast AM this Sunday morning, which has a weekly audience of 2.75 million people. The last time Weird World War III was presented to an audience remotely close to that size was when Sarah A. Hoyt promoted the book on Instapundit, which has ~1.8 million unique monthly–not weekly–visitors. And I definitely saw a huge spike that day. Hopefully, I’ll see something similar or better from my appearance on Coast to Coast AM.

Amazon reviews for Weird World War III continue to trickle in, and all have still been four or five stars.

Again, if you’re reading this and still haven’t purchased a copy yet, please do. All you need do is click one of the links below. If you have purchased a copy, thank you so much. If you don’t mind doing a quick Amazon review, I would be even more grateful.

Stay tuned for next week’s report. Onward!

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