“Detective Joseph D’Alessio has been put in charge of a strange, grisly murder. A rich man is found crucified to a tree with the image of a horned man etched into his chest. An autopsy reveals his brain to be abnormal. The case leads to an immense silver knife, the Celtic festival of Samhain, an organization called the Order of the Red Oleander, the detective teaming up with a man named Eli Rosen, a Doctor of Quantum Parapsychology, and other unearthly events. It all makes for a crackling good story. Would like to see more stories with D’Alessio and Rosen.”

Sam Tomaino on “The Red Oleander Murders” in Abyss & Apex

“Our narrator, Henry Tuttle, is put on trial for witchcraft in 1692 Salem. His case is not helped by the fact that he claims to have been born in 1680 even though he is obviously middle-aged. In his defense, he has a letter written to Cotton Mather by Lord Ellsworth Asquith who had hired Tuttle’s father’s ship to transport a dangerous artifact. When the ship had been taken by pirates, a cosmic horror had been unleashed. Nice little twist at the end of this nice little horror story.”

Sam Tomaino on “Hellhold” in Galaxy’s Edge Magazine

“Celia signs up for a beginner skier lesson on Granite Chief Ridge. The instructor tells her not to worry about the strange fog because it is only what the Native American’s call the Pogonip Fog, just an ice fog. The instructor is completely wrong. Celia and her companions encounter a monster and things get even worse from there. Sorry, there is no other word for this story: Chilling.”

Sam Tomaino on “The Pogonip Fog” in Galaxy’s Edge Magazine

“Lionel Jones is the CEO of CyberFortress Technology, a major cyber security firm. When his son, Reggie, is killed in a vicious hacking attack, he decides to go on the offensive. It’s not easy and he has to deal with one big obstacle on the way. Great story!”

Sam Tomaino on “We Hit Back” in Abyss & Apex

“A music journalist is looking for a place called the Sultan’s Cellar in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco in 1987. He sees a harlequin figure and winds up mugged. In 2014, he’s on the hunt again on the Pennsylvania-Delaware border and finds something dangerous. Good little horror story.”

Sam Tomaino on “The Sultan’s Cellar” in Galaxy’s Edge Magazine

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