“Hazlett’s writing wonderfully captures the prim and proper feel of colonial America. For me, this elevated what would have been an ordinary biography to real story-telling.”

Jeffrey Steven Abrams on “Hellhold” in Galaxy’s Edge Magazine

“I enjoyed ‘Boomer Hunter’ by Sean Patrick Hazlett as well, and would rate it as the best of the four.”

Joshua Berlow on “Boomer Hunter” in Grimdark Magazine

“Although this might seem to be a limited theme, the various authors have risen to the challenge, and produced a wide variety of fiction incorporating science fiction and fantasy concepts into tales of struggles that do not always take place on battlefields.”

Victoria Silverwolf on Weird World War IV

“‘Manchurian’ by Sean Patrick Hazlett is a complex tale that involves cyborg military enhancements, a desperate father, and a being that is not what he seems. This is a very dark story, so be warned..”

Rick Cartwright on Robosoldiers: Thank You for Your Servos

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