New and Upcoming Fiction!

I have several new pieces of fiction coming out over the next few months that I wanted to share with everyone. Above is the cover for Robosoldiers: Thank You for Your Servos, which is expected to see publication in the summer of 2022. I have a novelette called “Manchurian” in the anthology, which has both artificial intelligence as well as a weird fiction aesthetic that could easily fit into my Weird World War IV anthology.

MYTHIC #17 is out now and features another one of my artificial intelligence stories called “The Killer App.”

“Beneath Oblivion’s Black Stars” will also appear in Jennifer Brozek’s 99 Tiny Terrors later this month.

“Mandible,” a Weird World War III tale, will soon appear on the horror fiction podcast, Tales to Terrify.

My novella, Hell’s Well, is expected to come out next October in the thirteenth installment of the Systema Paradoxa series of cryptid tales. I am working through the editor’s comments this week.

Lastly, I expect the “The Holy Terror of Pemrose House” to appear in Stupefying Stories, but I do not yet have a date on when it is expected to see publication.

As a reminder, you can find the mass market paperback of Weird World War III here, and Weird World War IV is now available for preorder. You can also find Weird World War IV in the links below!

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Weird World War IV Release Date

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