Laird Barron Discusses His Weird World War IV Story, “The Big Whimper” on Chthonica

Laird Barron discusses his character, Rex, in his Weird World War IV story, “The Big Whimper” on the Chthonica podcast. Check out the full interview below. You can find his discussion on Rex at the 38:56-minute mark.

Greg Greene and Laird Barron, “Laird Barron on the worlds, metaphysics, influences, and – yes – dogs in his horror fiction”, Chthonica, 30 June 2021

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Wonder and Glory Forever, Edited by Weird World War III Contributor Nick Mamatas, Hits Stores Today

Weird World War III contributor, Nick Mamatas, has edited an intriguing anthology that hits stores today called Wonder and Glory Forever: Awe-Inspiring Lovecraftian Fiction. Weird World War III contributor, Erica Satifka, also has a story in it.

This is the first Lovecraftian anthology focusing on the theme of the sublime. It also has one of my favorite Clark Ashton Smith stories in it, so if that’s any indication of the book’s overall vibe, I highly encourage folks to pick up a copy today. It’s a great companion to Weird World War III. And if you haven’t picked up a copy of that yet…well…please order one by clicking on your preferred bookstore below.

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