Building A Better Future Anthology to Raise Funds for Ukraine

I just wanted to make folks aware of a recent anthology I am part of called Building A Better Future, which includes a group of alternative history stories about Ukraine. My story, “Serpent’s Wall”, about a Ukrainian girl in World War II with the psychic power to summon dragons, appears in this volume. This story originally appeared in Curiosities, Issue #6 in December 2019.

Please do check it out. All royalties from this anthology will be donated to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal organized by the UK Charity Disasters Emergency Committee.

Through A Glass Darkly: Episode 40

Also, please check out my interview series with Roman Skaskiw on YouTube later this week. Roman just returned from Ukraine this week, where he had lived with his family for a decade. He will cover other ways you can donate to Ukraine from funding vehicles and body armor for the Ukrainian military to medical supplies.

Thanks again.

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