Weird World War III & IV: To-Date Promotional Summary: December 11th 2022 Update

Here’s a cumulative summary of all the promotional activity I’ve compiled as of December 11, 2022.

In late November, my novella, “Hell’s Well” was published by eSpec Books in their Systema Paradox series of cryptid books. Please do grab a copy here. Also, if you’d like to review the novella, you can get a free copy on NetGalley.

If you’re interested, I’ve also done a reading of an excerpt from the novella here:

Through A Glass Darkly: Season 1: Story Time Episode 3

As I mentioned in my last update, my story, “They Only Dig at Night” now appears in Christopher Ruocchio.s and Sean CW Korsgaard’s Worlds Long Lost in the same volume where a new short story by science fiction legend Orson Scott Card also appears. In fact, a recent Publishers Weekly review explicitly singles out my story here. Please do grab and copy and let me know what you think about my story.

I also did interviews on The Rare Candy Podcast, Baen Free Radio Hour, The Alternate History Show, and Paul Semel’s site. As always, I continued to do a ton of interviews on my YouTube channel (FYI: I do not count those interviews in my totals below). Check out this episode I did with Dr. Paul H. Smith, who was one of the Army remote viewers:

Through A Glass Darkly: Season 1: Episode 114

Lastly, please be sure to tune into my very festive winter holiday Livestream on December 22, 2022 at 9 pm EST / 6 pm PST. I will be answering questions from the Through A Glass Darkly community (you can ask your question now by clicking on this link) and talking about my current projects and future episodes. Be sure to check it out below:

Through A Glass Darkly: Season 1: December 2022 Livestream

So far, Weird World War III and Weird World War IV have garnered media appearances in the following formats:

  • 45 Radio / Podcast / Video Interviews
  • 7 Written Interviews
  • 7 Features or Blog Posts
  • 9 Reviews
  • 3 Think Pieces
  • 1 Recommendation
  • 1 Story Note
  • 1 Ad
  • 120 Blog Posts on Through a Glass Darkly

More specifically, Weird World War III and Weird World War IV have been mentioned or appeared in the below formats and venues:

Podcasts / Interviews (Video or Radio)

Interviews / Profiles (Online)

Features / Mentions


Think Pieces


Story Notes


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