Win 5 Free Books in September 2022 and Other General Updates!

In conjunction with my regular updates, I wanted to make everyone aware of a contest starting today, September 18, 2022, where you can enter to win 5 free books, including your very own copy of Weird World War IV! Click on this link to enter. D.J. Butler and I also recorded a video that explains the mechanics of the content, and, more importantly, how to increase your odds of winning. Check it out below:


I also want to make folks aware of my Patreon account. Thus far, I’ve avoided publicizing my Patreon, because I didn’t feel that I yet had enough content to justify it. However, to my surprise, folks have begun signing on as patrons. Given that I am still relatively early on in my creator journey, this is, perhaps, the best time to join, because patrons will have a much greater role in shaping how I interact with my Patreon community. Right now, everyone who joins gets to be a part of an exclusive Discord community and have access to exclusive Patreon posts. Two groups of my patrons also get to participate in monthly live Q&A sessions with me, where I talk about my creative process and solicit their feedback on both the direction of my YouTube channel, but also my greater creative career. And the first Live Q&A session will be next weekend, September 24th, 2022.


I’ve also recently posted an audio version of my YouTube interviews to, so that folks can listen to them on the go. Please check it out!

September Promotional Summary

Here’s a cumulative summary of all the promotional activity I’ve compiled as of September 18th, 2022. In August, I appeared again on Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis. Please do check it out. As always, I continued to do a ton of interviews on my YouTube channel (FYI: I do not count those interviews in my totals below). I recently did an amazing interview with Royal Marine Commando veteran David Flin about his direct participation in Britain’s Falklands War. Check out the episode below:

Through A Glass Darkly, Season 1 | Episode 92

Also, please do subscribe to my YouTube channel. It’s free, and it will enable me to invest in more resources to develop even better content once I reach 1,000 subscribers.

So far, Weird World War III and Weird World War IV have garnered media appearances in the following formats:

  • 40 Radio / Podcast / Video Interviews
  • 6 Written Interviews
  • 7 Features or Blog Posts
  • 8 Reviews
  • 3 Think Pieces
  • 1 Recommendation
  • 1 Story Note
  • 1 Ad
  • 117 Blog Posts on Through a Glass Darkly

More specifically, Weird World War III and Weird World War IV have been mentioned or appeared in the below formats and venues:

Podcasts / Interviews (Video or Radio)

Interviews / Profiles (Online)

Features / Mentions


Think Pieces


Story Notes


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